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We are glad you found us!


We have moved!

Our new location is            9925 Forestglen Drive

                                           Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


Our new telephone number is 513-791-2575

You can also reach Dr. Firor by e-mail at drtom@drtommd.com.


We realize this happened quickly, but we would like to announce that Dr. Tom is now in his own private practice. In the initial, transitional period he will be seeing his patients at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio (the address above).  In a few months we hope to be in a more permanent location.


The decision to move into private practice was guided by a desire for more flexibility.  With the new set up we will be able to offer you, our patients, expanded services for your health and education.


As we enter this new and exciting phase, we hope that you will choose to stay and grow with us. 


Stay posted as our website is under construction and watch for current updates and exciting new offerings including informational seminars, healthy cooking lessons and more........


We appreciate your patience as we work to provide a comprehensive health care system for you.


We welcome any feedback and/or suggestions.


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